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Photo courtesy of The Listener and NZ Herald

Photo courtesy of The Listener and NZ Herald

Sisters on a Mission: The Memory Foundation

MWhat the Memory.Foundation Does:

Memory.Foundation develops memory improvement tools to build brain resilience and reduce the effects of memory loss. PhD research by Dr. Lamont[1], company co-founder, identified six types of memory skill that are critical for productivity and independent living into older age. Working with sister and educator, Gillian Eadie, eight years have been devoted to translating the science into practical activities, books, neurogames and brain training courses to delay or reverse memory deterioration.

[1] 2006 Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Analyses of the Effects of Aging on Memory in Healthy Young,  Middle-Aged and Oldest-Old Adults. Allison C. Lamont. Massey University, New Zealand.

MThe Story of the Memory.Foundation.

Gillian and Allison had an additional reason for establishing the Memory Foundation.

Their mother, Jeanie Paton, QSM, developed the symptoms of Alzheimer’s in her final two years, at the age of 92, although it is believed that she had been developing the disease for much longer. Blessed with amazing energy and intellect Jeanie engaged in memory and brain stimulation tasks everyday. She was a living example of the way robust cognitive reserve can delay and mask the effects of dementia. Only the loss of Jeanie’s sight at 92 allowed the symptoms to become obvious.  (Read Jeanie’s full story)


In 2008, two sisters established the Brain and Memory Foundation (later known as Memory.Foundation). The published research of Dr Allison Lamont, PhD, MA (Hons), APS, ASSBI into age-related memory loss excited world-wide interest in her findings which identified six key areas of memory skills that were pivotal in maintaining a confident, active and independent lifestyle throughout life. Gillian Eadie, M.Ed, BA, DipTchg, LTCL, Churchill Fellow, HFNZIITP, is an award-winning educator whose career includes 20 years as a school principal in prestigious private schools. (Samuel Marsden Collegiate schools, Corran School and St Oran’s College). She brings her skills as a speech pathologist and expert in teaching and learning to the creation of the brain tools available today.

MFocus of the Memory.Foundation

Strengthening the six key skills is the focus of the books, neurogames and memory training programmes.  All are scientifically based and clinically effective. They focus on the key skills needed to keep brains active, alert and growing at any age, with particular relevance the 50+ age group. Memory Tune™ has been used in PhD trials at The University of Auckland.

Memory.Foundation neuro-games, which challenge each of the six key skill areas, have been developed in partnership with the Computer Engineering and Robotics Lab at The University of Auckland. They are installed on the HealthBots in use with Gore Health. Developing cognitive reserve while brain skills are intact will buffer boomers against memory loss later in life.

The sisters regularly speak to groups including international conferences. Their best-seller, Seven Second Memory has sold in 40 countries. Their newly-published title, 7-Day Brain Boost Plan is gaining similar attention as it outlines the exercise, nutrition and brain challenges needed hour-by-hour for 7 days.




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MMemory Foundation Products



7-Day Brain Boost Plan: Keep Brain Fit for Life
New, 2015


How to Improve Your Short-Term Memory
A short, easy-to-read guide that covers the basics of what you need to know.

Seven Second Memory. Memory Techniques that Will Change Your Life
Rewire your brain for a youthful mind (also available as a Kindle Version)

Don’t Lose Your Memory!
Business edition for busy executives

When Children Become Parents
A guide to understanding and coping with Alzheimer’s in your family (also has a Kindle Version)

Brain Food, Food for Thought
Eat your way to brain health


Brain Fit for Life™
Memory Foundation has 6 accredited coaches taking classes in Whangarei, Pukekohe, Auckland and Wellington.

Memory Tune™
Our premium brain and memory online course. Clinically trialled and validated.

Brain Tune™
A free, three part mini-course designed to improve memory skills in the six key areas you need for independence in older age


Memory Games developed in association with the University of Auckland


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